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Vous pouvez trouver la liste de l'ensemble des diététiciens agréés en Belgique par le SPF Santé publique en cliquant ici.

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Dénutrition ou famine
Vous devez impérativement et rapidement consulter votre médecin puis un diététicien.

Consultez rapidement votre médecin et un diététicien, surtout si vous avez perdu du poids récemment.

Corpulence normale
Un diététicien pourra vous indiquer comment maintenir votre poids et adopter de saines habitudes alimentaires.

Consultez rapidement votre médecin et un diététicien.

Obésité modérée
Vous devez consulter rapidement votre médecin et un diététicien.

Obésité sévère
Vous devez consulter rapidement votre médecin et un diététicien.

Obésité massive ou morbide
Vous devez impérativement consulter votre médecin et un diététicien.

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JBI Comprehensive Systematic Review Training Program

At its core, JBI is concerned with improving health outcomes in communities globally by promoting and supporting the use of the best available evidence to inform decisions made at the point of care.

The JBI Comprehensive Systematic Review Training Program (CSRTP) is a one, three or five day program depending on your research needs or areas of interest.

By the end of the program participants complete a protocol and are ready to commence their systematic review.

Participants who successfully complete the program can become Certified Reviewers, accredited for a period of two years as authors in the JBI Database of Systematic Reviews and Implementation Reports (JBISRIR), a refered online journal, the content of which is indexed in Embase, Scopus, Mosby's Index (Elsevier), CINAHL (EBSCO) and MEDLINE

Module 1: Introduction to Evidence-based Health Care and the Systematic Review of Evidence (day 1)
Module 2: Systematic Review of Quantitative Evidence (day 2 &3)
Module 3: Systematic Review of Evidence Generated by Qualitative Research, Narrative and Text (day 4 & 5)

In this 3-day course we will focus on Module 1 (24th of November) and Module 3 (4th and 8th of December)

Please note that Module 1 is a pre-requisite for Modules 2 and 3.

Click here to find the detailed course program.

Price: € 300 for 3 days, € 100 for one day.
Dates: Tuesday 24th of November, Friday 4th of December and Tuesday 8th of December 2020
Location: Leuven - location to be determined, OR online. (Depending on the actual pandemic situation)

Click here to subscribe

Course materials will be sent to you by e-mail a few days before the start of the course.
Participants are requested to bring their own laptop.
Lunch and coffee breaks are not included.

Number of participants limited tot 10.


Du 24-11-2020 au 08-12-2020.